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What is the best way to wash my towels and/or clothes that may have Hydro 2 Oils spilt on them?

Wash towels immediately after use (do not leave overnight). For best results wash in cold water and use powder over liquid detergents.

Eucalyptus based washing powders will work the best for oil removal. Remember – do not over load the washing machine with too many towels.

NOTE: if mixing essential oils with your Hydro 2 Oils they will no longer be water dispersible.

Are Hydro 2 Oil’s Nut Free?

YES, Except for the Sweet Almond varieties.

Can you use Hydro 2 Oil for Pregnancy massage?

We recommended that you do not use lavender oil on pregnant women during pregnancy massage. Therefore it is best to stay away from our Relaxation Hydro 2 Oil range as it contains Lavender Oil.

Does Hydro 2 Oil have a carrier oil?

You can use our Unscented or Sweet Almond as a carrier oil, and mix them with your favourite scents!

Which product is right for me?

Please check out our range to find the right massage oil for your needs – H2O Product Range

What should I do if I have an allergic reaction?

Hydro 2 Oils are made from 100% natural  vegetable oils, therefore the likelihood of an allergic reaction is quite low. If you do experience any irritation consult your doctor and cease use.

Helpful washing tip!

Hydro2Oil is formulated with a specific substance that aides in dispersing oil in water, which means that the oil stains easily come out of towels when washing them. Hot water and a longer wash time will also assist in ensuring all oil residue is removed. Instead of drying towels in the dryer, you could consider hanging them in the sun to dry, as this helps to bleach the towels. And lastly, adding ½ cup baking soda for top loader and ¼ cup for front loaders helps with stain removal as it softens the water and improves effectiveness of detergent

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