Hydro 2 Oil Unscented Massage Oil – Massage & Body Oil with Essential Oils.

Hydro 2 Oil Unscented Massage Oil contains a nourishing blend of soya bean oil, jojoba and grapeseed oil enriched with Vitamin E to promote smoother, younger looking skin.

Leaving a silky moisturised finish, the light texture is easily absorbed and is ideal for all skin types. Odourless, the blend of Unscented is perfect for use with essential oils without altering their fragrances.

Did you know? Hydro 2 Oil Unscented is 100% water dispersible.

Hydro 2 Oil Unscented Massage Oil is available in 125 ml, 225 ml and 5 L varieties.

Our Massage Oils have the benefit of washing off quickly and easily in water! The clear, non-comedogenic oil formulation will emulsify when water is added.

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