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Money is never something you should take for granted. The economy is completely out of our control and can change in the blink of an eye! This is why it is always important to consider ways to minimise wastage and costs within your workplace so you are prepared for anything. Currently, the massage industry is thriving, especially these days where more and more people are realising just how beneficial a regular massage is for their health and wellbeing – not just a yearly treat!

When it comes to saving money it involves more than just looking at the dollar sign on each product. Sure, the product with the lower price tag may seem like the obvious choice, but is it really the most economical? The quality and performance of a product plays a much bigger role than its cost. Choosing products based on price is not the way to save money – often they will end up costing you more due to a number of factors. When it comes to massage in particular, your choice of oil alone can save you huge dollars!

Choice of Product

Using a water dispersible oil is not only a pleasant surprise for your clients (who rejoice when they leave without the sticky, oily residue of their treatment) but also a pleasant surprise for your pocket! Oil can leave very obviously stains on both your uniform, towels, carpet etc. The cost of continuously replacing these items every couple of months is proof enough that a water soluble option is going to save you money in the long run. Water soluble oil is easy to wash off; you can simply place your towels in the wash at the end of the day and have fresh, clean, new looking towels ready for the next day. Top quality oils will also not leave your salon smelling ‘fatty’ over time or go rancid.


The packaging may seem like a very minor aspect when choosing a product, but can play a huge part in the amount of wastage there is. For example, oil that needs to be poured into a secondary container inevitably results in small amount of waste that is left behind in the container, but the great risk here is over pouring and over estimating the amount of oil you require for the treatment. An easy way minimise waste is to use an oil with a trigger spray. This allows for a thin layer of oil to be even dispersed over the client and allows the therapist full control over how much product they use. Plus you don’t have the risk of spilling and wasting the product during your treatment.

Buying in Bulk

Using unscented massage oil and adding your own essential fragrances is a cost effective alternative to buying multiple oils. Make sure you find an oil that will not alter the fragrance of your essential oils once added. Oils that are made with inferior quality ingredients can alter the fragrance so it is something to be mindful of when finding your perfect base. Generally you will receive a better price for buying in bulk, making the concept of customising an unscented oil a great way to save money (not to mention some storage space also!). Just make sure you use a funnel to avoid spilling and wasting the oil when re-filling.

Your choice of Towels

When selecting towels to use in your salon, big, thick, fluffy towels are not necessary. Look for a high quality towel that is reasonably thin and light-weight. This will not hinder your treatment and will mean you can fit more in your washing machine. They will also dry much quicker, saving you time and money.

Multipurpose products

Finding products that can be used for more than just one purpose is a great way to save a few dollars. These days there are other mediums on the market that can be used in your massage treatments, such as creams and gels. Not only can you use them for your massages but they also make great bases for other treatments on your menu. This is great for salons who also offer pamper treatments such as facials or manicure and pedicures. Gels in particular are extremely lubricating, which means a little goes along way and they also give you fantastic grip and glide. They can be a more economical choice than some of the expensive face creams on the market where you generally don’t get a lot for your money.

So there you have it, small but effective changes which are easy to implement. You may look at these suggestions and think “How much difference could it really make?” I challenge you to put it to the test, you will be surprised! Every single dollar matters in business. Smart businesses will always save on costs and minimise wastage wherever possible – it’s only logical.

Lilliane Caron is Owner & Director of Caronlab Australia. If you’d like to ask Lilliane Caron for some advice on your own salon, email

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